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How does it work?

Tell us where and when
Just tell us your desired restaurant and time, and we'll do the rest. Reservation Fox has got you covered.
We monitor for cancellations
Our system regularly checks the restaurant's reservation system, giving you the best chance of scoring a coveted reservation slot.
Get alerted and pounce
We'll notify you via email as soon as a cancellation becomes available. You'll never miss out on your perfect time again.


How does Reservation Fox find out about restaurant cancellations?

Reservation Fox uses a group of technological foxes that watch the restaurant's reservation system, giving us the best chance of finding cancellations quickly.

Can Reservation Fox help me get a reservation at any restaurant?

At this moment in time, we only support a limited number of restaurants and cities within the UK. We're looking to expand the restaurants we support very soon!

How much does it cost to use Reservation Fox?

Reservation Fox is currently free for last minute notifications. In the future there will be a fee for long-term checks, more flexibility, and SMS notifications.

What happens if I miss the opportunity to claim a reservation?

If you miss the opportunity to claim a reservation, we'll continue to monitor for cancellations until the time of your reservation.

How do I know that my reservation request has been received and is being monitored?

Once you've submitted your reservation request, we'll send you a confirmation email that your request has been received and is being monitored.

Is Reservation Fox available in my city/country?

Reservation Fox is currently available in Manchester, UK. We plan to expand to other locations soon.

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